Monday, September 10, 2012

My Obsession

My Obsession
Look at my heart.
Please do not throw it away. Please don’t shun it.
I know it’s dirty and crooked.
It’s not pure, but please, look at my heart.
Feel my trembling blood pulsating through.
Taste the drunken tears of my twisted mind.
Gently caress the bloodied shadow of my past,
And whisper of our obsession.
My lips cry out of the blasphemy of desire,
The illusions and euphoric bullet the demons lace on our faces.
The black silk intertwining our tragic souls.
Yet, my emotions crave for the death wish,
My mind frenzied and tearing for the high, drunkenness,
Clawing my throat and flesh from the possession.
For you, my love.
For love.
So, please, I plead with you,
Even though it’s jagged and ugly,
Monstrous and Hideous.
I plead with you
To please
Look at my heart.
-Sepember 2012

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