Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ode to Tommy

Ode to Tommy
Strange and odd is this quiet fellow,
always roaming about and never quite still.
His carrot-stained hair is flamboyant and curled,
blended with a splatter of milk, so soft and pleasant.
The striking azure of his sharp, wide eyes,
makes one's breath escape their mouth,
bewildered and hypnotized.
When he asks for food he does this little thing.
Sits right at your doorstep and waits,
waits patiently until you emerge out of the human dorm.
Stares at you innocently, with those big blue eyes,
and faintly utters an pitiful, little cry.
To make you emotional he cuddles your legs,
drawing you into a bittersweet fantasy.
You see, this fellow is very sly and clever,
uses his wit and charm to disarm your armor.
Especially when he uses his technique on how to say please,
the very noise he emits makes you weak in the knees.
The sun is his friend,
and the cement his bed,
but how peaceful does his modest visage show.
For all he does is absorb all the light, curl up into a sphere-shaped ball
and waits, 
waits for me to show.
                                             - 2008

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