Friday, June 20, 2014

Waltzing With You

Waltzing With You 

Whilst the winding maples covered our lids, 
And the auburn light flickered in the space
Smoke lingering on our whiskey-
Stained lips. 
Tongues drenched with sticky words 
Eyes piercing our hearts in gory haste
My nails licking flavors of your skin
Your fingers, mine. 
Pushing and pulling. 
A constant push and pull. 
Emotions pushing and pulling.
Fear and ecstasy pulling and pushing. 
The yearning dripping from our lashes
Mother Lune nestling our secrets with her arms. 
My veins tugging at your hesitant soul. 
Your beautiful soul. 
Tightly grasping 
Never faltering 
For one 

                     - June 2014

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