Monday, September 22, 2014

The Geisha

The Geisha

So beautiful. 
Sits at home all day
Oils her neck with jasmine
Paints her lips in the night
Her eyes flickering
Her cigarette caressed 
Between her ivory tips
Smiling and charming
Dances so free
Like a red butterfly.
Hypnotising her lovers in a haze
Fluttering around them in the wind
Making them feel free
Making them feel alive. 
Exclaming how beautiful she is
So beautiful...
She just smiles
Smoke licking her tongue. 
So beautiful...
Tears hang on her lashes
Like the morning dew.
So beautiful. 
As she pulls the trigger to her head 
And paints her face red 
Like a red butterfly. 

             - 2014

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